Alex Smith: The Most Badass Quarterback in the League

Laugh in my face all you want, but its true. Alex Smith is the most badass quarterback in the NFL.Yeah, the dude has a generic name that sounds like one of those default players Madden generates. Yeah, he might have earned the reputation of being a checkdown whore. And yeah, he may not be married to  a reality TV star (Laguna Beach counts I guess) or dabbin’ on the entire pitiful NFC South, but the dude is low key leading the Chiefs to the playoffs and nobody seems to notice.   So, I felt like I should highlight some of the stuff Reggie Bush’s high school quarterback and class president has been up to.

Lets start with Smith’s college days at Utah. The guy was Urban Meyer’s quarterback before it was cool to be Urban Meyer’s quarterback. Before everyone thought Tim Tebow could walk on water, Alex Smith was running the spread option attack winning 21 of his 22 starts with Utes. Sick man, like every NFL quarterback was good in college. Well, did they all graduate with a GPA of 3.74 in two years? Didn’t think so. And oh yeah who was the first pick of the 2005 NFL draft 23 spots ahead of Aaron “I commercialized my touchdown dance” Rodgers? That’s right it was your boy.

But apparently being super smart and boasting a 4.7 40 time isn’t sexy enough to be quarterback of the 49ers. Who needs smart checkdowns and excellent third down scrambles when you can watch a dude kiss his tattoo all the time. I wonder if the 49ers regret getting rid of Smith… I mean if Blaine Gabbert couldn’t make it Jacksonville maybe he will be better in San Francisco.

Alex Smith comes to the Chiefs and immediately begins to make power moves by banging the rivals cheerleaders. I mean look at this dude has a smoke on his arm and a soul patch. Your move Jay Cutler.


While you’re ignoring the game manager in Kansas City. Alex “Michael Vick” Smith is running his way to a Super Bowl.


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